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The Playbook | Top 10 Boys (MLS Next 2007 Born)

  1. Nathaniel Abraham | GK |  Toronto FC Academy | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Nathaniel Abraham stands out with his exceptional distribution skills, swiftly orchestrating plays from the back with precision. His towering frame not only commands the penalty area but also adds an imposing presence, making it challenging for opposing strikers to find the net. Renowned as an elite shot-stopper, Abraham consistently demonstrates remarkable reflexes and decision-making under pressure, securing his place among the top goalkeepers in the game.

  1. Emrick Fosting | CM | CF Montreal | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Emrick Fosting epitomizes leadership and maturity on the pitch, guiding his team with a commanding presence and tactical acumen. His ability to dictate play with authority sets him apart as a midfield maestro, orchestrating the rhythm of the game with precision and vision. Fosting’s knack for influencing the course of matches through both his actions and vocal direction solidifies his reputation as a pivotal figure in any midfield setup.

  1. Pablo Patrick Galves | CB | Toronto FC | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Pablo Patrick Galves embodies athleticism and strength, boasting a formidable presence in defense that intimidates opposing attackers. His astute reading of the game enables him to anticipate and intercept passes with precision, thwarting opposition attacks effectively. Galves’ proficiency in both tackling and aerial duels makes him a stalwart centerback, providing a solid foundation for his team’s defensive line.

  1. Sebastian Joseph | FWD | CF Montreal | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Sebastian Joseph is a prolific scorer with a remarkable knack for finding the back of the net from any position on the field, showcasing his versatility and unpredictability. His precision and finesse bewilder defenders and goalkeepers alike, as he consistently delivers goals with remarkable accuracy and flair. Joseph’s ability to create scoring opportunities out of seemingly impossible situations makes him a potent attacking threat and a nightmare for opposing defenses to contain.

  1. Quentin Christey | CM | Toronto FC | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Quentin Christey operates as the midfield engine, tirelessly seeking possession to orchestrate the team’s rhythm and tempo. Renowned for his work ethic, he willingly does the dirty work, breaking up opposition attacks and providing a shield for the defense. Christey’s vision and distribution skills enable him to seamlessly involve teammates, acting as the linchpin in connecting defense to attack and ensuring fluidity in the team’s play.

  1. Liam Mackenzie | CM | Whitecaps FC | 2007 Born/2025 Grad 

Liam Mackenzie assumes the role of a natural leader in midfield, guiding his team with authority and inspiring confidence in his teammates. His exceptional passing range allows him to orchestrate the flow of the game, effortlessly distributing the ball to create scoring opportunities and maintain possession. Mackenzie’s ability to dictate play from midfield not only sets the pace of the game but also cements his status as a vital cog in his team’s tactical setup.

  1. Quinton Wilson | FWD | Toronto FC | 2007 Born/ 2025 Grad  

Quinton Wilson epitomizes the ideal striker profile with his exceptional athleticism, making him a coveted prospect for college coaches seeking a potent attacking force. Possessing a natural killer instinct inside the box, Wilson capitalizes on scoring opportunities with clinical precision, striking fear into opposing defenses. His ability to serve as a constant threat in attack and provide a reliable outlet on the counter makes him a dynamic and valuable asset to any team.

  1. Rayan Elloumi | FWD | Whitecaps FC | 2007 Born/2025 Grad

Rayan Elloumi possesses an innate talent that sets him apart, coupled with a profound understanding of the game that reflects his high football IQ. His impeccable technique allows him to execute scoring opportunities with finesse, consistently finding the back of the net with remarkable efficiency. Elloumi’s exceptional ability to maintain a high goal-scoring rate underscores his status as a top-tier striker, making him a formidable threat in any attacking lineup.

  1. Aleks Guboglo | FB | CF Montreal | 2007 Born/ 2025 Grad 


Aleks Guboglo’s dynamic playing style sees him constantly surging up and down the touchline, reminiscent of the energetic runs made by Kyle Walker. His pace and stamina allow him to contribute effectively in both defense and attack, providing an additional dimension to his team’s gameplay. Guboglo’s ability to mirror Walker’s impactful presence on the field solidifies his role as a modern fullback, capable of influencing the game in multiple facets.

  1. Ange Gbe Henock | CDM | Toronto FC | 2007 Born/ 2025 Grad 


Ange Gbe Henock serves as a relentless force in midfield, tirelessly covering ground and disrupting opposition attacks with his tenacious defensive efforts. As a versatile midfielder, he excels in multiple facets of the game, seamlessly transitioning between defensive duties and initiating attacks with his passing ability. Gbe Henock’s work rate and ability to do it all in midfield make him an indispensable asset, providing stability and balance to his team’s play.

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