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The Playbook | Top 10 Boys (MLS Next 2008 Born)

  1. Richard Chukwu | FB | Toronto FC| 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad 

Richard Chukwu’s athleticism allows him to excel in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game, making him a valuable asset on the flanks. His prowess in one-on-one defending situations ensures that he can effectively neutralize opposition wingers and attackers. Additionally, Chukwu’s ability to deliver pinpoint crosses from wide areas adds an extra dimension to his team’s attacking options, making him a versatile and influential fullback.

2. Isaac Tortola | CM | Columbus Crew | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad 

Isaac Tortola epitomizes the modern box-to-box midfielder, seamlessly transitioning between defensive duties and driving the attack forward with his dynamic style of play. His impressive passing range enables him to orchestrate play from deep midfield positions, dictating the tempo of the game with precision. Tortola’s commitment to both ends of the pitch, coupled with his versatility, makes him a vital asset capable of influencing the game in various facets.

3. Sergei Kozlovskiy | CB | CF Montreal | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad  

Sergei Kozlovskiy’s composure and maturity make him a reliable presence in the heart of defense, providing stability and leadership to his team. His precise distribution from the backline initiates attacking moves effectively, contributing to his team’s offensive prowess. Kozlovskiy’s ability to combine defensive solidity with offensive contributions underscores his importance as a well-rounded centerback.

4. Dylan Judelson | CM | Orlando City | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad   

Dylan Judelson operates as the engine in midfield, anchoring the team’s defensive efforts with his tenacity and positional awareness. Primarily deployed as a stay-at-home #6, he ensures defensive solidity but also showcases versatility by joining attacking plays when needed, adding an extra dimension to his team’s forward movements. Judelson’s ability to seamlessly transition between defensive duties and providing support for the attackers highlights his adaptability and value in midfield.

5. Dominic Kantorowicz | GK | Toronto FC |  2008 Born/ 2026 Grad

Dominic Kantorowicz shines as a standout shot-stopper, consistently making crucial saves to keep his team in contention. His leadership qualities extend beyond the penalty area, commanding the defense with authority and guiding his teammates through his vocal presence. Regarded as a top prospect in goalkeeping, Kantorowicz’s combination of skill, leadership, and potential make him a coveted asset for any team.

6. Timothy Fortier | CM | Toronto FC | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad 

Timothy Fortier’s passing range mirrors that of a seasoned professional, effortlessly threading the needle with precision and vision. Despite his youth, he exudes remarkable composure on the ball, dictating the flow of the game with maturity beyond his years. As a versatile midfielder, Fortier’s ability to excel in all aspects of the game solidifies his role as a valuable asset, capable of influencing matches in multiple ways.

7. Jean-Christopher Belzile | GK | CF Montreal | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad 

Jean-Christopher Belzile embodies fearlessness between the posts, showcasing a willingness to take calculated risks, particularly when distributing the ball, adding an unpredictable element to his team’s build-up play. Renowned for his lightning reflexes, Belzile is capable of producing miraculous saves that defy expectation, earning him a reputation as a formidable last line of defense. His daring style coupled with his remarkable shot-stopping ability makes him a goalkeeper capable of turning the tide of a match with a single moment of brilliance.

8. Eliott Germain-Aubrey | FB | CF Montreal | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad  

Eliott Germain-Aubrey showcases solid technical abilities that contribute to his consistent performance on the field. His unwavering commitment and maximum effort make him a dependable asset, both defensively and in supporting the attack. Germain-Aubrey’s reliability in all aspects of the game solidifies his role as a valuable contributor to his team’s success.

9. Kemari Record-Wright | ST | Toronto FC | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad  

Kemari Record-Wright’s imposing physical presence makes him a formidable force in the striker role, often overpowering defenders with his strength and athleticism. He possesses a natural instinct for goal-scoring, consistently finding the back of the net at an impressive rate, showcasing his lethal finishing ability. As a physical specimen with a knack for goal-scoring, Record-Wright poses a constant threat to opposition defenses, making him a key asset for his team’s attacking prowess.

10. Aghilas Sadek | CM | CF Montreal | 2008 Born/ 2026 Grad 

Aghilas Sadek’s playing style epitomizes technical elegance, seamlessly combining finesse with physical prowess on the field. His rare ability to merge an imposing physique with creative flair while controlling the ball sets him apart, showcasing a unique skill set not often seen in young talents. Sadek’s blend of athleticism and creativity positions him as a promising prospect, capable of making a significant impact with his dynamic playing style.

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