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The Playbook | Top 10 Boys (MLS Next 2009 Born)

  1. Stefan Kapor | CB | Toronto FC | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Stefan Kapor’s left-footed prowess sets him apart as a centerback, offering versatility and balance to his team’s defensive line. With an elite passing range reminiscent of a young Aymeric Laporte, Kapor possesses the ability to initiate attacks from deep positions with pinpoint accuracy. His impressive technique for a centerback adds an extra dimension to his defensive capabilities, making him a valuable asset in both defensive solidity and building play from the back.

2.  Jahziye Crooks-Foster | FWD | Toronto FC |  2009 Born/ 2027 Grad  

Jahziye Crooks-Foster instills fear in defenders with his ability to terrorize them in one-on-one situations, often leaving them in his wake with his blistering pace and dribbling skills. His exceptional technique adds finesse to his game, allowing him to manipulate the ball with precision and creativity to unlock opposition defenses. Crooks-Foster’s combination of speed, skill, and technical ability makes him a nightmare for defenders to handle, ensuring he remains a constant threat on the wing.

3. Jamil Abubakar | CM | Whitecaps FC | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad  

Jamil Abubakar showcases an elite passing range that allows him to dictate the tempo of the game with precision and vision. His ability to deliver a final ball with exceptional accuracy and timing consistently creates goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. Abubakar’s proficiency in both short and long-range passing solidifies his role as a key playmaker in midfield, capable of influencing the outcome of matches with his distribution skills.

4. Raphael Pascal | CM | CF Montreal |  2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Raphael Pascal embodies a unique combination of power and finesse, harmonizing both attributes to elevate the beauty of play on the field. His commanding presence coupled with silky skills enables him to impose himself in midfield battles while orchestrating elegant passages of play. Pascal’s ability to seamlessly blend strength and grace makes him a captivating presence on the pitch, captivating audiences with his dynamic style of play.

5. Kervon Kerr | ST | Toronto FC Academy | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad

Kervon Kerr’s athleticism sets him apart on the field, allowing him to outmaneuver defenders with speed and agility. His strong hold-up play not only creates space for teammates but also enables him to retain possession in key areas. Kerr’s consistent ability to find the back of the net at a high rate makes him a potent threat in the opponent’s box, showcasing his proficiency as a goal-scoring striker.

6. Michael Ampofo | CM | CF Montreal | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Michael Ampofo’s seamless ability to cover ground on the field underscores his exceptional athleticism and work rate, allowing him to fulfill multiple roles effectively. His remarkable game intelligence serves as a cornerstone for his team’s success, enabling him to anticipate play developments and make decisive contributions in both attack and defense. Ampofo’s adeptness at controlling play and dictating the pace of the game showcases his pivotal role as a midfield maestro, influencing the outcome of matches with his tactical acumen and versatility.

7. Matthew Hinds | CM | Houston Dynamo | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Matthew Hinds embodies the quintessential box-to-box midfielder, tirelessly covering ground and providing a vital link between defense and attack. As the engine in the middle of the park, he orchestrates the team’s movements with his tireless work rate and relentless pursuit of the ball. Hinds’ willingness to do all the dirty work, from winning tackles to tracking back defensively, ensures that he is an indispensable presence in midfield, contributing selflessly to his team’s success.

8. Ty Williams | CB | Toronto FC | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Ty Williams exudes composure when in possession, showcasing a calm demeanor even under pressure, which allows him to initiate attacks from the back with confidence. His strength in the tackle makes him a formidable presence in defense, often disrupting opposition advances and winning crucial challenges with authority. Williams’ combination of poise on the ball and defensive prowess solidifies his role as a reliable and composed centerback, capable of anchoring the backline with proficiency.

9. Jaymien Suarez Chen | GK | Toronto FC | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad 

Jaymien Suarez Chen stands out as an exceptional shot-stopper, showcasing remarkable reflexes and agility to deny opponents from finding the back of the net. His proficiency extends beyond shot-stopping, as he possesses excellent distribution skills, allowing him to initiate counterattacks or build-up play from the back with precision and accuracy. Suarez Chen’s ability to excel in both facets of goalkeeping solidifies his position as a valuable asset, providing stability and reliability to his team’s defensive efforts.

10. Aiden Bejaoui | FWD | Whitecaps FC | 2009 Born/ 2027 Grad

Aiden Bejaoui’s agility and quick footwork make him a shifty winger, capable of leaving defenders trailing in his wake as he navigates through tight spaces. His confidence and skill in one-on-one situations allow him to consistently beat defenders with clever feints and sudden changes of direction. Bejaoui’s ability to excel in individual battles makes him a constant threat on the wing, providing his team with a potent attacking outlet. 

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