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The Playbook | Top 60 – Boys 2023

GK- Anthony Cipressi | 2024 Grad | North Toronto Nitros

Anthony was one of our standout goalkeepers at the event. Cipressi was a vocal leader and displayed an elite shot-stopping ability. He also did not concede during day 1 of the event. While also looking very comfortable when building out of the back.

RB- Hazem Kadib | 2024 Grad | Toronto FC Academy

Hazem is your modern day fullback, extremely fit and hard working. Kadib’s service from wide areas was top class as he picked up a couple of assists during the event. Hazem was rarely ever beaten 1v1. Kadib also made it tough for opposing fullbacks by always overlapping his winger and creating 2v1 scenarios. 

CB- Athol Munro | 2024 Grad | North Mississauga L1R

Athol was rock solid during the event. Munro reads the game at a high level and has real potential to progress through the college ranks. Athol always kept his backline organized by consistently barking orders to either step or drop their line.  Munro’s high level IQ  to go along with his strong tackling ability makes him an elite level defender. 

CB- Adriel Njokou Nantcha | 2024 Grad | C.S St. Laurent

Adriel is a freak athlete. During the event he gave strikers nightmares with his lethal tackling ability.

Adriel is a real pest defensively and is constantly touch tight with opposing strikers. We at FTF gave him the nickname “Baby Kamal Miller” because of the distinct similarities he shows  to our Canadian National Team Center Back. 

LB- Ziunga-Noel Luyeye | 2024 Grad | C.S St. Laurent

Ziunga was constantly up and down the sideline causing loads of problems for the opposing team. 

If Ziunga cleans up technically, the sky is the limit for this young man. He is everything you can ask for in a fullback. Very comfortable with his back to goal, rarely ever got beaten 1v1. 

CDM – Junior Michael Lungu | 2024 Grad | BTB FC 

Junior showed composure way past his years, dictating every football match he played during the event. Demonstrated ease to break lines and get all his teammates involved in the game. Junior’s football IQ is what separates him from the rest as he is constantly scanning while understanding when to play on 1 or 2 touches. 

CM- Ethan Kang | 2024 Grad | Toronto FC Academy 

Ethan is a stay at home 6 who is constantly looking to get on the ball and dictate the match.  Kang is very clean technically and showed a very elite passing range across the 2 days. What separates Ethan from other players is that he does all the dirty work for the #8 and #10 ahead of him. 

CAM- Braden Stevanovic | Grad 2024 | Windsor L1 

Braden is a very special footballer. At  FTF we think with proper growth he will be a pro in the coming years. Stefanovic’s strengths are his ridiculous change of pace, and  versatility where he can play anywhere across the front 5. 

ST- Anthony Morano | 2024 Grad | North Mississauga L1R

Anthony Morano is a goal machine, give the player half a chance and he could win you a football match. Morano has elite level hold up play, and is an even bigger threat when running in behind which causes defenders nightmares from the first whistle. 

ST- Ayouba Kamara | 2024 Grad | Codiac SC

Ayouba is a physical specimen. Kamara finished at a high rate during the event. Kamara’s explosive speed allowed him to peal away from defenders and get him in areas to cause the opposing teams problems. Even when Kamara wasn’t having the best game, it looked like he never lacked confidence and his work rate on and off the ball always leaves a lasting impression.  

LW/RW- Nael Kane | 2024 Grad | West Ottawa 

Nael was electric during the event as he caused a lot of problems when running 1v1 at defenders. Kane has a lot of qualities from the technical side of the ball, he has good pace and his composure in the final third is truly exceptional.

Honorable Mentions: 

John Kandinda – (CM) Codiac SC 2024 Grad 

Tristan Pusztahegyi – (CDM) TFC Academy 2024 Grad 

Noah DeBlasis – (CB/CDM)TFC Academy 2024 Grad 

Trent Neumann – (CM) BTB FC 2024 Grad

Rayan Elloumi – (ST/LW) BTB FC 2025 Grad 

Benjamin Choudhry – (GK) TFC Academy 2024 Grad 

Liam Ferraro – (CM)  Cs Longueuil 2024 Grad 

Mark Cristini – (RB/CM) North Mississauga L1R 2024 Grad

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