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The Playbook | Top U15/2009 Boys Teams in Canada (May 2024)

1. Surrey FC | BCSPL U15

Surrey FC leads the British Columbia Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) U15 with an impressive record of 9 wins and 1 draw. Their potent offense, scoring 28 goals, coupled with a formidable defense that has allowed only 5 goals, makes them the top team in British Columbia. Surrey FC’s consistency and overall team strength have set them apart early in the season, making them a dominant force in their league.

2. Pickering SC | OPDL U15

Pickering SC has started strong in the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) U15 with 3 wins. Their attacking flair, resulting in 16 goals, and their solid defense, conceding only 5 goals, highlight their balanced team play. Pickering SC’s ability to control games and secure crucial wins positions them as a leading team in Ontario.

3. CS St. Hubert | PLSJQ U15

CS St. Hubert has demonstrated their prowess in the Première ligue de soccer juvénile du Québec (PLSJQ) U15 with 4 wins. Their consistent performance in a highly competitive league showcases their tactical discipline and strong team coordination. CS St. Hubert’s ability to perform under pressure and maintain a winning streak places them among the top teams in Quebec.

4. Calgary Foothills SC | APDL U15

Calgary Foothills SC shines in the Alberta Premier Development League (APDL) U15 with 9 wins and 2 losses, boasting a goal difference of +22. Their offensive strength and solid defensive record reflect a well-rounded team capable of dominating matches. Calgary Foothills SC’s resilience and tactical expertise have established them as a top team in Alberta.

5. Suburban SC | NSSL U15

Suburban SC leads the Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL) U15 with 8 wins, scoring 18 goals and conceding just 4. Their strong defensive play and effective offense underline their dominance in Nova Scotia. Suburban SC’s cohesive team dynamics and strategic execution make them a formidable team in their league.

6. Surrey United | BCSPL U15

Surrey United has had an excellent start in the BCSPL U15 with 7 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. Their attacking prowess, with 27 goals scored, and their defensive stability, with 11 goals conceded, highlight their balanced play. Surrey United’s ability to compete at a high level and secure points consistently makes them one of the top teams in British Columbia.

7. Ottawa South United SC | OPDL U15

Ottawa South United SC boasts a perfect record in the OPDL U15 with 3 wins, scoring 16 goals and conceding none. Their defensive solidity and offensive effectiveness have made them a standout team in Ontario. Ottawa South United SC’s disciplined approach and high-quality performances have earned them a top spot in their league.

8. CS St. Laurent | PLSJQ U15

CS St. Laurent has shown strong form in the PLSJQ U15 with 4 wins and 2 draws. Their ability to secure points consistently in a competitive league highlights their tactical acumen and team strength. CS St. Laurent’s balanced play and strategic approach make them a leading team in Quebec.

9. St. Albert Impact | APDL U15

St. Albert Impact has excelled in the APDL U15 with 8 wins, 1 loss, and 2 draws, boasting a goal difference of +13. Their strong start to the season reflects their ability to both score and defend effectively. St. Albert Impact’s resilience and consistent high-level play position them as a top team in Alberta.

10. Winnipeg Phoenix FC Blue | Manitoba Premier U15

Winnipeg Phoenix FC Blue dominates the Manitoba Premier U15 league with 7 wins, scoring 30 goals and conceding just 3. Their potent offense and solid defense underline their superiority in Manitoba. Winnipeg Phoenix FC Blue’s ability to control matches and their impressive goal-scoring record have established them as the leading team in their province.

Honorable Mention: Force Prospects, Richmond Hill SC OPDL U15, Woodbridge  OPDL U15, Vaughan SC OPDL U15 QC United PSL U15 , 1v1 Futbol Dreams Manitoba Premier U15 , Inter Halifax NSSL U15, Sigma FC OPDL U15, North Toronto SC OPDL U15

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