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The Playbook | Top U16/2008 Boys Teams in Canada (June 2024)

  1. AS Blainville | PLSJQ U16
    • Record: 9 Wins, 3 Draws, 0 Losses
    • Performance: AS Blainville is leading the Première ligue de soccer juvénile du Québec (PLSJQ) with an unbeaten record. Their consistent performance, strong defense, and effective offensive strategies have positioned them as the top team in Quebec.
  2. North Toronto SC B16 | OPDL
    • Record: 6 Wins, 1 Draw, 0 Losses
    • Performance: North Toronto SC B16 remains undefeated in the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL). Their tactical prowess and disciplined gameplay make them the team to beat in Ontario. Their ability to maintain consistency under pressure has solidified their top position.
  3. Woodbridge B16 | OPDL
    • Record: 5 Wins, 1 Draw, 0 Losses
    • Performance: Woodbridge B16 has showcased a strong start in the OPDL, with a record of five wins and one draw. Their balanced approach to both offense and defense, combined with strategic play, has made them a formidable team in the league.
  4. FC Laval | PLSJQ U16
    • Record: 7 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Losses
    • Performance: FC Laval’s solid performance in the PLSJQ U16 is highlighted by their impressive record. Their offensive strength and robust defense have made them a significant contender in Quebec, consistently challenging their rivals.
  5. Aurora | OPDL B16
    • Record: 5 Wins, 1 Draw, 0 Losses
    • Performance: Aurora’s undefeated record in the OPDL demonstrates their tactical discipline and efficient play. Their emphasis on teamwork and strategic execution has placed them among the top teams in Ontario’s competitive landscape.
  6. Coquitlam Metro Ford FC 08B | BCSPL U16
    • Record: 7 Wins, 3 Draws, 0 Losses
    • Performance: Despite an early exit in the BCSPL Cup, Coquitlam Metro Ford FC 08B has shown resilience and consistency in the British Columbia Premier League (BCPL). Their strong performance in the league highlights their adaptability and competitive edge.
  7. Codiac U16 Boys | New Brunswick SL
    • Record: 3 Wins, 0 Draws, 0 Losses
    • Performance: Playing up an age group in the U17 category, Codiac U16 Boys have proven their mettle in the New Brunswick Soccer League (SL). Their undefeated record against older opponents underscores their skill and determination.
  8. Dutch Connections | I-Model
    • Record: 6 Wins, 0 Draws, 0 Losses
    • Performance: Dutch Connections IM is known for their technical skills and strategic gameplay, tearing up I-Model age older division. Their ability to develop well-rounded players who excel in various aspects of the game has set them apart, and their consistent performances in showcases highlight their skill against tough teams.
  9. Fusion FC 08B | BCSPL U16
    • Record: 7 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Losses
    • Performance: Fusion FC 08B’s impressive record in the BCSPL U16 reflects their strong offense and solid defense. Their ability to perform consistently against tough competition has made them a leading team in British Columbia.
  10. Calgary Villains 08B | APDL
  • Record: 9 Wins, 0 Draws, 3 Losses
  • Performance: The Calgary Villains 08B have shown outstanding performance in the Alberta Premier Development League (APDL). Their consistent victories and strong team dynamics make them a formidable team in Alberta.

Honourable Mentions

  • Prostars 
  • Vancouver Island Wave
  • CS St. Laurent
  • Royal Select Beauport
  • Vaughan B16
  • Whitecaps London B16
  • WSEU U16B PR1
  • BTB FC 2008B

These teams have demonstrated exceptional talent and determination, setting a high standard for youth soccer across Canada. As the season progresses, their performances will continue to captivate and inspire soccer enthusiasts nationwide.

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