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The Playbook | Top U16/2008 Boys Teams in Canada (May 2024)

1. Vaughan SC | OPDL U16

Vaughan SC has started strong in the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL) U16 with 2 wins and 1 tie. Their impressive record of 8 goals scored and only 2 conceded, combined with their status as Top Rated Showcase Champions, highlights their tactical excellence and solid defensive play. Vaughan SC’s consistent performance and ability to excel in high-stakes matches make them the top team in Ontario.

2. Woodbridge SC | OPDL U16

Woodbridge SC also boasts a solid start in the OPDL U16 with 2 wins and 1 tie, scoring an astounding 20 goals and conceding just 2. As the Top Rated Showcase Runners Up, their attacking prowess and strong defense have made them a formidable force in Ontario. Woodbridge SC’s high-scoring games and disciplined play underscore their position as one of the top teams in the province.

3. Coquitlam Metro Ford | BCSPL U16

Coquitlam Metro Ford excels in the British Columbia Soccer Premier League (BCSPL) U16 with 7 wins and 3 draws. Their offensive capability is highlighted by 33 goals scored, while their defense has been relatively solid, conceding 15 goals. Coquitlam Metro Ford’s consistency and resilience have established them as a leading team in British Columbia.

4. AS Blainville | PLSJQ U16

AS Blainville stands out in the Première ligue de soccer juvénile du Québec (PLSJQ) U16 with 5 wins and 1 loss. Their strong start to the season reflects their ability to compete at a high level within Quebec. AS Blainville’s balanced approach to both offense and defense, along with their tactical proficiency, has made them a top contender in their league.

5. Calgary Villains | APDL U16

Calgary Villains have shown dominance in the Alberta Premier Development League (APDL) U16 with 8 wins and 2 losses, boasting a goal difference of +15. Their ability to secure multiple victories while maintaining a solid defense and potent attack underscores their strength. Calgary Villains’ performance places them as a leading team in Alberta.

6. FC Laval | PLSJQ U16

FC Laval competes strongly in the PLSJQ U16 with 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Their ability to perform consistently in a competitive league highlights their potential. FC Laval’s focus on tactical play and developing well-rounded players has earned them recognition as a top team in Quebec.

7. Aurora FC | OPDL U16

Aurora FC’s start in the OPDL U16 includes 2 wins and 1 tie, with 10 goals scored and 3 conceded. As the FTF Spring Showcase Runners Up, their ability to perform under pressure and secure results against strong opposition has been evident. Aurora FC’s balanced approach and solid teamwork have positioned them as a leading team in Ontario.

8. CS St. Hubert | PLSJQ U16

CS St. Hubert has recorded 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie in the PLSJQ U16. Their consistent performance in a challenging league highlights their competitive edge. CS St. Hubert’s ability to adapt to different match situations and maintain a strong presence in their league has made them a noteworthy team in Quebec.

9. Croatia Norval | GHSL U16

Croatia Norval, champions of the FTF Spring Showdown, have demonstrated their capability to win in high-pressure environments. Their performance in the Golden Horseshoe Soccer League (GHSL) U16 underscores their tactical expertise and cohesive team play. Croatia Norval’s accomplishments in prestigious tournaments and league play make them a top team in Ontario.

10. Dutch Connections 2008 Black

Dutch Connections 2008 Black have started the season with a perfect record of 4 wins, scoring 20 goals and conceding 6. Their strong offensive performance and ability to maintain a solid defense have set them apart. Dutch Connections’ focus on skill development and strategic play has positioned them as a leading team in their league.

Honouarble Mention: Cambridge SC OPDL U16 , North Toronto SC OPDL U16 , Whitecaps London OPDL U16, Glen Shields Juve I-MODEL U16, Fusion FC BCSPL U16, Royal Select Beauport PLSJQ U16

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