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The Playbook | Top U17/2007 Boys Teams in Canada (May 2024)

1. North Toronto | U20 League 1 Ontario

North Toronto’s remarkable start in the U20 League 1 Ontario has earned them the top spot. With 3 wins and 1 tie, they have established themselves as a formidable team. Their disciplined defense and effective attack set them apart, and they consistently outplay their competition. North Toronto’s ability to perform under pressure and maintain consistency has made them a standout team in Ontario’s competitive soccer landscape.

2. CS St.Laurent | PLSJQ U17

CS St.Laurent leads the Première ligue de soccer juvénile du Québec (PLSJQ) U17 with an impressive 5 wins. Their offensive prowess and strong defensive unit have made them a dominant force in Quebec. What truly sets them apart is their ability to control games from start to finish, often dictating the pace and creating numerous scoring opportunities, which has made them a team to watch in their province.

3. Vaughan B17 | OPDL U17

Vaughan B17’s performance in the OPDL U17 is marked by their high-scoring offense and tight defense. With 3 wins under their belt, they demonstrate tactical discipline and efficient play. Vaughan B17 stands out in Ontario due to their comprehensive development program, which focuses on technical skills, physical fitness, and mental toughness, making them a leading team in the province’s youth soccer.

4. Calgary Foothills 2007 | APDL U17

Calgary Foothills 2007, reigning champions of the APDL U17 indoor league, showcase their strength through consistent victories and strategic gameplay. Their indoor championship win reflects their adaptability and skill across different formats of play. Calgary Foothills’ commitment to excellence in training and player development has positioned them as a top team in Alberta, consistently outperforming their rivals.

5. Thornhill BU17 | I-Model U17

Thornhill BU17 dominates the I-Model U17 league with an impressive record of 5 wins and 1 tie. Their potent offense and strong defense highlight their comprehensive team performance. Thornhill BU17 stands out in Ontario due to their emphasis on teamwork and strategic play. Their ability to seamlessly integrate individual talent into a cohesive unit has made them a standout team in their province.

6. Fusion 2007 | BCPL U17

Fusion 2007 stands out in the British Columbia Premier League (BCPL) U17 with 6 wins, 2 ties, and 2 losses. Despite facing tough competition, they consistently secure wins and remain competitive. Fusion 2007’s resilience and adaptability, coupled with their ability to perform in high-stakes matches, have made them one of the top teams in British Columbia.

7. AS Laval | PLSJQ U17

AS Laval, competing in the PLSJQ U17, boasts a strong start with 4 wins. Their balanced approach to both offense and defense has positioned them as a significant contender in Quebec. AS Laval’s focus on developing well-rounded players who excel in various aspects of the game has set them apart, making them a leading team in their league and province.

8. North Mississauga | U20 League 1 Ontario

North Mississauga’s performance in the U20 League 1 Ontario includes 1 win and 2 ties. Their strategic play and solid team dynamics enable them to secure points consistently. North Mississauga stands out in Ontario for their focus on player development and tactical awareness, which allows them to compete effectively against older and more experienced teams.

9. Saskatoon Alliance | PSL

Saskatoon Alliance’s performance in the Premier Soccer League (PSL) is highlighted by their 2 wins and notable goal difference. Their effective offensive and defensive strategies have made them a competitive team in Saskatchewan. Saskatoon Alliance’s commitment to fostering a strong team spirit and work ethic has set them apart, ensuring they consistently challenge for top positions in their league.

10. HCU | NSSL U17 AAA

HCU’s impressive record in the Nova Scotia Soccer League (NSSL) U17 AAA includes 6 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Their offensive firepower and solid defense make them a formidable team. HCU stands out in Nova Scotia for their high-intensity play and ability to dominate matches, which has earned them a reputation as one of the top youth teams in the province.

Honourable Mention: AIFC U17, Sigma FC U20, OSU U17 OPDL, Oakville B17 OPDL, Burnaby 2007 BCSPL, Calgary Rangers 2007 APDL, BTB FC, FC Toronto,  AS Blainville U17 PLSJQ, Edmonton Impact (Clarke), WSEU U17 AAA, Inter Halifax U17 AAA, Suburban FC U17 AAA, SJSC U17, Scarborough Academy U17, FC Durham U17 OPDL

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