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The Playbook | Toronto Boys Summer Combine 2023 Group A

Liam Janicki-Zeballos | GK | 2024 Grad | Alliance United

Janicki-Zeballos could be charged with robbery after making countless point-blank saves. He always positioned himself well to give himself the best chance to make a save and bail out his team. Janicki-Zeballos’ is also calm with his feet and is comfortable distributing over various ranges.

Christian Kristo | FB | 2025 Grad | Oakville SC

Kristo is an extremely hard-working fullback who can impact the game for his side in different ways. He can change the type of game he plays depending on the type of game or tactics presented by the coach. Kristo’s hard as nails defensively and can produce end product going forward.

Haider Fawzi | CB | 2024 Grad | Scarborough Academy

Fawzi is a defender who does not get fazed in the high-pressure moments. He is very proactive defensively, always reading the game well and positioning himself properly. Novielli wins the ball back for his side through interceptions and tackles. He is also very comfortable playing the ball out under pressure.

Miguel Betancourt | CB | 2025 Grad | FC Durham

Betancourt is a left-footed, tall central defender who uses his speed, strength, and composure to his full advantage. Defensively, he is a force who dominantly wins his duels against attackers both aerially and terrestrially. On the ball, he’s technical and can break pressure by dribbling or finding a good outlet pass.

Kai Chin | FB | 2025 Grad | Athlete Institute FC

Chin is a very bright prospect with great technical skill and a wicked left-foot. He is so dynamic going forward and possesses the ability to beat players in 1v1 situations, as well as the speed to activate behind defensive lines. When Chin gets the ball in the final third, his final product is phenomenal, constantly creating chances for his teammates.

Saihaj Kailay | CDM/CB | 2024 Grad | Pickering FC

Kailay is a defensive specialist, constantly tracking, tackling, and battling to win the ball back for his team. When he does win it back, Kailay’s first instinct is to retain possession for his team and doesn’t try to force a pass that isn’t there. He showed his maturity throughout the combine, demonstrating his capabilities as a leader.

Filip Arbutina | CDM | 2024 Grad | North Toronto SC

Arbutina is an all-action defensive midfielder that disrupts the opposition and starts the attack for his side. He won’t stop running until the whistle is stopped tracking the ball constantly. He also demonstrated that he has the technical ability to spray the ball wherever he pleases, exemplified by scoring from his own half on Day 2.

Alex Babol | CM | 2024 Grad | FC Berlin

Babol is an energetic, box-to-box midfielder who look to drive his team to victory with and without the ball. He takes up excellent positions to either delay the opponents attack or to receive a pass from a teammate. When he does receive the ball, he’s always looking to drive at the next line and break pressure.

Massimo Cuda | CAM | 2025 Grad | Sigma FC

Cuda is a crafty and clever attacking midfielder whose movement and IQ set him apart from his peers. He’s always looking to find soft pockets to pick the ball up in and receive any pass on the half turn. Cuda wants to find the splitting pass that puts a teammate in behind but chooses the right moments to do it.

Evan Brown | LW/RW | 2025 Grad | North Mississauga SC

Brown deservedly won the Overall MVP at the combine after torturing the fullbacks and defenders he played against. He’s an electrifying winger who makes beating players look too easy for a 2007-born player. Brown glides past players with ease, but what sets him apart is his ability to produce fantastic end product, whether that be a shot or a cross.

Leelan Silva-Richards | LW/RW | 2024 Grad | CD Gouveia

Silva-Richards is a rapid winger who is constantly looking to beat defenders through his skill or speed. He likes to vary his movement when receiving a pass, as to never be too predictable. When receiving the ball to his feet, his goal is to get turned and beat his defender when they get too tight. After receiving the ball in behind, Silva-Richards has one thing in mind, going to goal.

Honorable Mention

Robert Barkman | GK | 2026 Grad | Oakville SC

Kenny Farro-Gilmore | ST | 2024 Grad | United Football Academy

Zain El-Behairy | CAM | 2024 Grad | Pickering FC

Jackson Bzowski | CDM | 2025 Grad | International FC

Deepak Rajeswaran | CDM | 2025 Grad |Markham SC

Daniel Dimitrov | CAM | 2025 Grad | Sigma FC

Andrew Mazza | CDM | 2025 Grad | Toronto FC Academy

Dominic Novielli | CB | 2024 Grad | North Mississauga SC

Colin Pate | CM | 2025 Grad | Toronto FC Academy

Cosmo Monteleone | CAM/RW | 2025 Grad | International FC

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