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The Playbook | Toronto Girls Combine 2024 (Hamilton Group)

The Toronto Open Girls Combine in Hamilton, Ontario, ignited two days of intense competition and exhilarating athleticism. This action-packed event brought together aspiring female athletes from across the region, showcasing their skills and determination in a dynamic showcase of talent and teamwork. From thrilling matchups to impressive displays of athleticism, the Combine was a testament to the passion and dedication of young athletes pursuing their dreams on the field.

GK – Maeve Hagarty | Cambridge Youth Soccer OPDL | 2025 Grad 

Goalkeeper Maeve Hagarty commands attention on the field with her exceptional shot-stopping abilities, instilling confidence in her team with every save. Known for her precise distribution from the back, she seamlessly transitions defense into attack, setting her team up for success. Standing tall in her 18-yard box, Maeve’s imposing physical presence adds an extra layer of security to her team’s defensive line.

RB – Sofia Mammoliti | WNY Flash | 2025 Grad 

Right back Sofia Mammoliti epitomizes the term “engine” for her team, tirelessly covering ground and providing a constant outlet in both defense and attack. Her seamless transitions from defense to attack inject fluidity into her team’s play, often initiating dangerous attacking moves from the backline. Technically and tactically astute, Sofia’s composure under pressure and intelligent positioning make her an invaluable asset in both phases of the game.

CM – Kayla Viteritti | Scrosoppi FC | 2026 Grad 

Midfielder Kayla Viteritti exudes a maturity beyond her years, displaying remarkable composure in the heart of the midfield. With an elite passing range at her disposal, she orchestrates play with precision, dictating the tempo and direction of the game. Constantly seeking to assert her influence, Kayla’s insatiable appetite for the ball fuels her team’s attacking prowess and defensive solidity alike.

FWD – Victoria Pimenta | Glenshields Juventus | 2026 Grad 

Striker Victoria Pimenta poses a relentless threat to opposing defenses with her predatory instincts in and around the penalty area. Blessed with a sweet left foot, she possesses the knack for finding the back of the net with clinical precision. As a standout prospect of the 2026 graduating class, Victoria’s lethal finishing and goal-scoring prowess mark her as a player to watch for the future.

CDM – Jaya Lecky | Hamilton United | 2027 Grad 

Jaya Lecky emerges as a standout talent in the 2027 graduating class, showcasing versatility and skill as a do-it-all midfielder. Equally adept at providing defensive cover and finding the back of the net, she brings a dynamic presence to the center of the pitch. With her ability to contribute across all phases of the game, Jaya stands poised to make a significant impact on the field and continue her rise as a top prospect in her class.

ST – Akeelah Omokhha | Markham SC | 2025 Grad

Striker Akeelah Omokhha cemented her status as the MVP of the event, leaving a trail of awe and admiration with her prolific goal-scoring exploits. Throughout the tournament, she proved to be a formidable force, consistently tormenting defenders with her speed, skill, and clinical finishing ability. Akeelah’s dominance on the field made her a constant headache for opposing defenses, solidifying her reputation as one of the most formidable strikers on display.

Honorable Mentions:

Sofia Forini | Unionville SC | 2027 Grad 

Emmalise Ekunwe | Cambridge OPDL | 2025 Grad

Zoe Abraham | Waterloo BVB | 2026 Grad

Alexa Voss | Hawkin Wolves | 2025 Grad

Ria Kapil | North Toronto Nitros | 2025 Grad

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