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The Playbook | Toronto Girls Combine 2024 ( Milton Group)

The Toronto Open Girls Combine in Milton, Ontario, ignited two days of intense competition and exhilarating ability. This action-packed event brought together aspiring female athletes from across the region, showcasing their skills and determination in a dynamic showcase of talent and teamwork. From thrilling matchups to impressive displays of athleticism, the Combine was a testament to the passion and dedication of young athletes pursuing their dreams on the field.

Goalkeeper MVP – Lundyn Michalek | GK |  Markham FC | 2026 Grad 

Lundyn, the Goalkeeper MVP from the FTF Toronto Combine, showcases exceptional poise on the ball, instilling confidence in her teammates with every possession. Her commanding presence in the box is a testament to her ability to organize and lead the defense, making crucial saves when needed. Lundyn’s outstanding distribution skills further distinguish her as a well-rounded goalkeeper, seamlessly initiating plays and contributing to the team’s overall tactical prowess.

Defender MVP – Alexa Lewandowski | CB | Vaughan SC | 2025 Grad 

Alexa, Defender MVP, is a technical defender with a knack for cleanliness on the ball, they seamlessly maneuver across the pitch with finesse and precision. Their exceptional movement capabilities enable them to anticipate and intercept opposition attacks effectively. Alongside their impressive passing range, this defender’s solidity in the backline bolsters the team’s defensive stability, providing a formidable barrier against opposing offenses.

Midfielder MVP – Ainsley Parker | CM | Markham FC | 2025 Grad 

Ainsley, Midfielder MVP, is the midfield destroyer, she disrupts opposing attacks with unwavering consistency, excelling in breaking up play and regaining possession for their team. Their formidable strength in the tackle often halts opposition advances, while their exceptional passing range initiates swift transitions and orchestrates attacking movements. Ainsley’s positional acumen serves as the foundation of their defensive prowess, ensuring they provide a reliable shield for the backline while seamlessly linking up with teammates in the midfield.

Co-Attacking MVP – Victoria Zeni | ST | Vaughan SC | 2026 Grad 

Victoria, the Co-Attacking MVP is a forward with an innate instinct for goal-scoring, she consistently positions herself impeccably, anticipating and capitalizing on scoring opportunities with precision. With adept movement in the box, she navigates through defenders effortlessly, ensuring she’s in prime position to receive the ball and unleash her finishing prowess. Time and again, she proves her ability to convert chances into goals, showcasing her reliability and effectiveness as a prolific goal-getter for her team.

Co-Attacking MVP – Jasmine McCatty | ST | Markham FC | 2026 Grad 

Jasmine, the Co-Attacking MVP a dynamic forward, combines athleticism with a remarkable ability to swiftly shift the ball to either side of her body, leaving defenders in her wake. Her snap-shot finishing technique is a testament to her power and precision, enabling her to convert scoring chances with clinical efficiency. Whether at close range or from a distance, Jasmine possesses the skill to curl the ball around the goalkeeper with finesse, utilizing even the smallest opening to showcase her scoring prowess.

Overall MVP – Melisa Kekic | ST | North Toronto Nitros | 2026 Grad

Melisa Kekic the Overall MVP of the Combine embodies the essence of a pure goalscorer, displaying unparalleled technical prowess on the ball. Her exceptional movement and tidiness on the ball enable her to evade pressure effortlessly, creating space for herself to execute devastating runs in and around the box. With a striking ability to connect cleanly with the ball, Melisa’s precision and power make her a formidable threat in front of goal, capable of delivering spectacular finishes with remarkable consistency.

Young Player MVP – Rylie Anselmini | ST | Guelph Gryphons | 2027 Grad

Rylee, the Young Player MVP of the FTF Combine, showcases remarkable strength, resilience, and athleticism well beyond her years, setting her apart on the field. Her ability to consistently find the back of the net underscores her talent as a potent finisher, making her a promising prospect with a bright future in the game.

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