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The Playbook: Toronto Girls Open Summer Combine 

The FTF Canada 2023 Summer Series final stop was in Toronto, Ontario. We at the playbook had the pleasure of watching the event in its entirety, and seeing a number of players stand out.

GK – Lucie Duffy | 2025 Grad | London TFC

Lucie showed excellent composure on the ball and her team utilized her passing range to help build out of the back. Lucie was always switched on and constantly communicating with her back line.  

RB – Anna Swyers | 2024 Grad | Ottawa South United

Anna was arguably one of the most athletic players on the pitch. She excelled in dribbling past opposition press to break lines. Her pace with the ball is just as fast as her pace without the ball.

When put in 1v1 situations, defensively she was solid and extremely tough in the tackle. We wouldn’t want to go into a 50/50 with her.  

CB – Paige Bryant | 2025 Grad | North Toronto  

Paige showed the most poise out of all the CB’s at the Toronto Open Combine. From watching her body language, you could tell that she understands what to do with the ball before she receives it, allowing her to play at a quicker pace. Paige demonstrated that she can not only play short, but was able to clip a ball in behind as well. 

CB – Shalagh Guha | 2025 Grad | BVB Waterloo

Shalagh was positionally sound all combine. She knew exactly when to step up to intercept passes and when to drop off to avoid being in a foot race. Her tall stature granted her ability to win plenty of aerial duels. Shalagh was also very composed on the ball and was not afraid to pull strings out of the back. 

FB/CB – Alexa Lewandowski | 2025 Grad | Vaughan SC

Alexa was the most versatile defender at the Toronto Open Combine. She showed exceptional playing as a FB and as a CB. Her ability to shift her hips to play either way with both feet makes her unpredictable building out of the back and a dream of a right or left sided CB in a back 3. Defensively, she had the athleticism to keep up with pacy wingers and drive them away from goal. Attacking wise, she was able to play short or long when tested. 

CM – Sam Caputo | 2024 Grad | Cambridge United

Sam was exceptional on the ball. Her decision making and timing of her movements to receive the ball in the half space was superb. Sam was able to combine with her 10 and 9 by creating unique angles of passes around the opposition.

CM – Joanna Abdelmalak | 2024 Grad | Juventus Academy Toronto

Joanna excelled in tight spaces. She was arguably the most creative player on the pitch in the middle/final third. She showed she had the ability to use any part of her foot to make passes. Joanna also showed great ability to draw players in and then use her quick feet to shuffle around them and play. 

CAM/LW – Tiana Mainella | 2024 Grad | North Toronto L1R

Tianna was undoubtedly the most attacking threat on the left flank at the Toronto Open Combine. She has all the attributes to be a fantastic winger/full back at the next level. Her burst of pace, ability to combine and directness to goal served as such a danger to the opposition. A couple balls delivered into the box were served on a plate for her forwards to pounce on. 

ST/WGR – Melissa Kekic | 2026 Grad | Burlington Force

Melissa’s movement off the ball was exceptional, especially for her age. She is incredibly smart and recognized when to make the run beyond the backline. Possessing a quick turn of pace and sharp movements, Melissa found herself in 1v1 situations with the GK quite often, to which she capitalized. 

ST/CF – Kayla Fraser | 2025 Grad | Scrosoppi FC 

Kayla was our top goalscorer at the Toronto Open Combine. Kayla excels with her back to goal, holding up the ball for her teammates so they can play off of her. In the box, she was lights out. She used her body well to shield off defenders, turn them and finish in the box. She showed good feet in tight areas and a very quick first few steps. 

ST/WGR – Petra Bandula 

Petra was our Overall MVP of the Toronto Open Combine. Petra’s athleticism is off the charts for her age. Her versatility to play anywhere in the front four (7,11,9 and 10) offered a dynamic threat for her team. She was able to take players on 1v1, hold up play with her back to goal and deliver balls into the box. Petra’s most fascinating feature was her recognition to receive the ball in between lines, turn players and slip passes through for her teammates. Her weight of passing in the final third was exceptional. Petra has a very high ceiling. 

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