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The Playbook | Toronto Open Combine Winter 2024 – Group A

The Toronto Open Combine unfolded as a showcase of immense talent and boundless potential, captivating participants and spectators alike. Over four exhilarating days, the event lived up to its promise, delivering an action-packed experience that left a lasting impression on every coach fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Group A: 

GK – Francesco Romano | North Toronto | 2024 Grad 

Francesco Romano distinguishes himself as a remarkable shot-stopper, consistently showcasing his exceptional goalkeeping. His proficiency extends beyond saves, as his precise distribution skills contribute to the team’s fluidity and attacking transitions. Renowned for his leadership qualities, Romano commands from the back, providing a solid foundation and instilling confidence in his teammates.

CB – Noah Pickering | North Toronto | 2024 Grad 

Noah Pickering stands out as an exceptional player in 1v1 duels, displaying a remarkable ability to navigate challenges and emerge victorious on the individual front. His athleticism adds an extra dimension to his gameplay, allowing him to excel in various facets of the game with speed and agility. Additionally, Pickering’s tactical acumen sets him apart, demonstrating a keen understanding of the game that enhances his overall effectiveness on the field.

CAM – Adchaiyan Asok | Unionville SC | 2025 Grad 

Adchaiyan Asok showcases his football finesse with a consistently impressive final pass, revealing a knack for precision and vision that elevates his team’s attacking potential. A threat on the field, Asok becomes particularly dangerous when driving at the back four, utilizing his skills to penetrate defenses and create goal-scoring opportunities. Beyond his technical prowess, he exudes a distinctive swagger, embodying a charisma and confidence on the pitch that sets him apart. 

LW – Kalias Cooper | Sigma FC | 2025 Grad 

Kalias Cooper is a dynamic force on the field, known for his rapid pace that leaves defenders struggling to keep up. With a remarkable goal-scoring record, Cooper consistently finds the back of the net, showcasing a potent attacking instinct that contributes significantly to his team’s success. Particularly formidable in isolated 1v1 situations, he becomes a genuine threat, using his speed and skill to navigate challenges and create scoring opportunities.

LW/CAM – Christopher Oginni | Sigma FC | 2025 Grad 

Chris Oginni possesses a unique ability to create scoring chances seemingly out of thin air, showcasing a creative flair and vision that makes him a valuable asset on the field. His versatility shines through as he seamlessly transitions into a playmaker role, demonstrating the capability to excel not only in his primary position but also as a dynamic attacking midfielder. Recognized as one of the standout players in the 2025 graduating class, Oginni’s skills and adaptability position him as a promising talent for the future.

LW – Evan Brown | North Mississauga | 2025 Grad 

Evan Brown is a standout on the field, effortlessly gliding past defenders with a combination of skill and finesse that sets him apart. His efficiency in front of goal is notable, consistently finding the back of the net with precision and composure. What distinguishes Brown further is his unselfish playstyle, as he prioritizes involving teammates in the attack, showcasing a team-oriented approach that contributes to overall success on the pitch.

CF – Kenan Hodzic | Rush Canada | 2024 Grad 

Kenan Hodzic embodies the essence of an old-school center forward, adopting a style that involves dropping deep to collect the ball and dictate the pace of play. His preference for a more traditional role doesn’t diminish his technical prowess; in fact, Hodzic is exceptionally skilled, showcasing a high level of technical ability on the ball. As a player who combines the best of both worlds – the strategic awareness of a playmaker and the finesse of a forward – Hodzic brings a dynamic and effective presence to his game.

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