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The Playbook | U15 Girls Spring Showdown 2024

GK: Kaylie Rai – #21 – Burlington Bayhawks GU15 OPDL

  • Kaylie is a goalkeeper who likes to offer support to her teammates by being as vocal as she can. She is always talking on the pitch. She is a pair of safe hands and is calm when playing with the ball at the back. One thing that really stands out about Kaylie is her anticipation when sweeping – she is comfortable starting higher up the pitch and making a clearance before the opponent strikers can get to the ball. 

DEF: Ke-Arra Edwards – #11 – FCD 2009G OPDL

  • Ke’Arra is an athletic CB that combines her aggression and speed really well. Good anticipation to intercept passes into strikers, not afraid to step and win the ball back. On the ball, she uses her speed and quick feet to carry the ball up the pitch past multiple players. She has good distribution when building from the back and is composed under pressure. As the captain of her team, she leads by example as well as vocally. She is a versatile player, able to play different roles to a high standard. 

MID: Sofia Woods – #6 – North Toronto G2009

  • Sofia is a smart CDM/CM that likes to control her team’s play on the ball. She constantly seen moving around to be closer to the ball and provide an option for her teammates. She has a great passing range and variety in her passes. Sofia is very composed when being closed down by opponents, protects the ball well and uses quick feet to get out of pressure. She is not afraid to go forward with the ball and create chances for her teammates. Sofia was one of the standout performers of the weekend.

FWD: Faith Koromilos – #17 – Burlington Bayhawks GU15 OPDL

  • Faith is a tricky winger (can also play CAM) who likes to drive at her fullback and take them on 1v1. Especially when starting on the left, she likes to cut in and shoot from different angles and distances. Amazing ball striking – scored two fantastic goals during the showcase. Very direct, uses different cuts and skills to try to get past her opponent and push her team up the pitch. Great delivery from set pieces. 

Overall Best Player: Nahila Tesfaye – #66 – U15 VSC OPDL 2009

  • Nahila is a classic box-to-box #8. She works hard on both sides of the ball, always looks to receive the ball to drive forward herself or distribute to a teammate in a better position. Great first touch, capable of executing clever turns to escape pressure in one touch. She covers ground well and is a strong carrier of the ball. Does not shy away from a tackle in the middle of the pitch. Great ball striking, she can hit the ball well from range. As a captain of her team, she was always talking to her teammates and leading by example. Commanded the middle of the pitch – if she continues to work hard she will have a bright future in the sport. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Julia Orlic | Burlington Bayhawks | CM/CDM | 2027 Grad
  • Samantha Cardoso | North Mississauga LFC | RW/LW | 2027 Grad
  • Stephanie Moynihan | Vaughan SC | ST | 2027 Grad
  • Kelsey Russell | Brampton SC | ST | 2027 Grad
  • Lauren Reid | Burlington Bayhawks | CB | 2027 Grad
  • Taylor Dureau | Burlington Bayhawks | ST | 2027 Grad
  • Alixandria Casullo | Vaughan SC | CM/CDM | 2028 Grad
  • Ayah Stewart | North Toronto Nitros 2009 | CAM | 2028 Grad
  • Maleah Kelly | North Toronto Nitros 2010 | CB | 2028 Grad
  • Nadia Zarguen | Vaughan SC | RW | 2027 Grad
  • Olivia Tsafkpolous | Brampton SC | CAM | 2027 Grad
  • Samantha Pirolo | North Toronto Nitros 2009 | ST | 2027 Grad
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