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The Playbook | Girls U15 Team Ontario vs Team Quebec Provincial Series Combined XI

U15 Team Ontario/ Team Quebec Provincial Series:- FTF Combined XI: (4-3-3) 

Goalkeeper (GK):

  • Team Quebec #22 – Beatrice Fortier Beatrice Fortier epitomizes bravery and exceptional shot-stopping abilities as a goalkeeper. Fearless in her approach, she confronts oncoming strikers with unwavering confidence, standing tall as the last line of defense. Over the weekend, her performance was outstanding as she kept the only clean sheet for Team Quebec, showcasing her ability to remain composed under pressure.

Centre Back (CB):

  • Team Ontario #2 – Anaya Joseph Anaya Joseph is a standout full-back whose impact extends beyond traditional defensive duties. Over the weekend, she consistently pushed forward with purpose, utilizing her speed and technical ability to provide an additional dimension to her team’s offensive play. Despite her offensive inclinations, Joseph remained a formidable defender, demonstrating exceptional one-on-one defending skills that made her a tough opponent to beat.
  • Team Ontario #5 – Stefania D’Anagelo Stefania D’Angelo is a composed and reliable central defender who excels in simplicity yet effectiveness on the field. Over the weekend, her ability to maintain possession and distribute the ball efficiently served as a stabilizing presence in her team’s defense. D’Angelo’s astute decision-making and precise passing allowed her to initiate plays from the back seamlessly, contributing to her team’s build-up play.
  • Team Quebec #13 – Chris-Mayron Chris-Mayron is a formidable central defender known for her exceptional speed and strength on the field. Over the weekend, her combination of pace and physicality made her a daunting opponent for attackers, as she rapidly closed down space and outmuscled opponents in challenges. Her tenacity and determination made her a relentless force in protecting her team’s goal.
  • Team Quebec #12 – Maxim Ellyson Maxim Ellyson is a standout central defender revered for her defensive intelligence and leadership qualities on the field. Over the weekend, her sharp reading of the game enabled her to anticipate opposition movements adeptly, while her composure under pressure allowed her to retain possession and initiate attacks effectively. As a natural leader, Ellyson organized and motivated her teammates, ensuring defensive solidity and fostering team cohesion.

Central Midfielders (CM):

  • Team Ontario #8 – Isabella Lanzilotta Isabella Lanzilotta stands out as a central midfielder with fast-paced ball movement, technical finesse, and forward-oriented play. Over the weekend, her agile footwork and precise passing allowed her to direct the flow of the game, constantly seeking opportunities to drive her team forward. Lanzilotta’s relentless work ethic was evident as she diligently supported her teammates and applied pressure on opponents.
  • Team Ontario #10 – Olivia Tapping Olivia Tapping commands attention as a central midfielder with exceptional pace and technical finesse. Over the weekend, her lightning speed and precise ball control allowed her to fearlessly drive at defenders, often leaving them struggling to keep up. Tapping’s ability to navigate through tight spaces and evade challenges showcased her agility and skill on the ball.
  • Team Ontario #20 – Samantha Cardoso Samantha Cardoso is a versatile midfielder who stands out for her diligent work rate and technical skills on the field. Over the weekend, she consistently put in the effort on both defensive and offensive fronts, demonstrating a commitment to contributing to all aspects of the game. Cardoso’s technical abilities were evident in her adept passing and ball control, playing a significant role in orchestrating her team’s attacks while also providing defensive support.

Right Winger (RW):

  • Team Ontario #11 – Azaiya Patterson Azaiya Patterson is a dynamic winger known for her exceptional speed and forward-thinking approach on the field. Over the weekend, her pace constantly threatened opposition defenses, making her a constant threat in transition. Patterson’s ability to anticipate and capitalize on opportunities to receive balls in behind the defense added a crucial dimension to her team’s attacking play.

Striker (ST):

  • Team Ontario #9 – Willow Baldree Willow Baldree is a composed and clinical forward whose presence in the box was a constant threat to opposing defenses over the weekend. Renowned for her calm demeanor when finishing, she possessed a natural instinct for finding goal-scoring opportunities in the most crucial moments. Baldree’s ability to anticipate and position herself effectively allowed her to capitalize on chances with precision.

Left Winger (LW):

  • Team Quebec #11 – Maiya-Kim Maiya-Kim epitomizes the role of a hardworking winger, demonstrating unwavering dedication on both ends of the field. Over the weekend, she tirelessly tracked back to provide defensive support while also maintaining a constant desire to drive forward and create scoring opportunities.

Honorable Mentions (HM):

  • Team Ontario #6 – Jaya Lecky
  • Team Quebec #5 – Frederique Roberge
  • Team Ontario #4 – Myah Russle
  • Team Ontario #14 – Tressa Thurton
  • Team Ontario #13 – Anna Szcerba
  • Team Quebec #1 – Maiya Proulx
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