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The Playbook | U16 Girls Spring Showdown 2024

ST – Kali Burnett | Glen Shields Juventus | 2027 Grad

Kali Burnett embodies the epitome of a lethal striker, renowned for her efficiency in front of goal. With an extraordinary ability to penetrate defenses, she excels in getting in behind opponents with her lightning speed. Her prowess in one-on-one situations is unparalleled, often leaving defenders trailing. Kali’s relentless pace and constant threat make her a nightmare for any opposing backline to handle. 

GK – Ava Nowak | Woodbridge SC | 2026 Grad

Ava Nowak Not only shows exceptional ability to make crucial saves, but her adept passing skills set her apart as a modern goalkeeper capable of initiating attacks from the back. Beyond her technical abilities, Ava’s leadership qualities shine through, commanding her defense with confidence and decisiveness. Her presence between the posts instills a sense of security in her team. 

CM – Norah Benson | Alliance FC London | 2026 Grad

Norah Benson seamlessly blends attacking flair with defensive solidity. Her versatility knows no bounds as she excels in every aspect of the game, whether it’s finishing with precision, orchestrating plays with her exceptional passing range, or putting in crucial tackles to break up opposition attacks. Norah’s defensive prowess is matched only by her attacking instincts, making her a true box-to-box threat. Beyond her technical abilities, her strength on and off the ball provides a formidable presence in midfield, dictating the tempo of the game and dominating duels. In Norah Benson, teams find a complete midfield dynamo capable of influencing every facet of the game.

RM –  Cindy Yang | Force Academy Black | 2026 Grad

Cidy Yang embodies the essence of a high-energy forward, constantly buzzing around the pitch with relentless determination. She uses her body exceptionally well. A tireless worker in her pursuit of goals, pressing defenders and chasing down loose balls. Her hunger for scoring opportunities is insatiable, as she positions herself adeptly to capitalize on any chance that comes her way. In every match, Cidy Yang’s infectious energy and unwavering work ethic makes for her team to constantly be on the front foot. 

CB – Allysia Iaquinto | Hamilton United | 2026 Grad

Allysia Laquinto stands out as a central defender, using her speed, strength, and technical prowess with finesse. Her remarkable pace allows her to thwart opposition attacks and cover ground swiftly when needed. Utilizing her strength, she asserts dominance in physical battles, often outmuscling opponents to regain possession. Additionally, her adept passing ability enables her to initiate plays from the back, facilitating smooth transitions from defense to attack for her team.

Honorable Mentions:

ST/WGR – Emma Goris | Alliance FC London | 2026 Grad

CM – Kuni Steinbock | Alliance FC London | 2026 Grad

CB – Ezrah Rubabaza | Markham FC | 2026 Grad

FWD – Naomi Benjamin | Markham FC | 2026 Grad

GK Lundyn Michalek | Markham FC | 2026 Grad

CB – Katie Bulmer | Glen Shields Juventus | 2026 Grad

CM – Chloe Accardi | Glen Shields Juventus | 2026 Grad

LM – Carina Raducu | Glen Shields Juventus | 2026 Grad

WGR – Gabriella Fadel | Glen Shields Juventus | 2026 Grad

CM – Sydney Taylor | BVB Waterloo | 2026 Grad

CB – Taylor Cole | BVB Waterloo | 2026 Grad

CM – Madeleine Cole | North Toronto Nitros | 2026 Grad

ST/WGR – Melisa Kekic | North Toronto Nitros | 2026 Grad

CM – Rian Sandhu | North Toronto Nitros | 2026 Grad

GK – Ava Blinn | Force Academy Black | 2026 Grad

CM – Danica Menard | Force Academy Black | 2027 Grad

CM – Felicia Hanisch | Force Academy Black | 2026 Grad

CB – Samantha Lucas | LFC IA | 2026 Grad

ST – Victoria Zeni | Woodbridge SC | 2026 Grad

CM – Olivia Pillitteri | Woodbridge SC | 2026 Grad

WGR – Olivia Tapping | Hamilton United | 2027 Grad

ST/WGR – Petra Bandula | Hamilton United | 2026 Grad

CAM – Ilaria Mele | Oakville SC | 2026 Grad

GK – Mackenzie Morton | Oakville SC | 2026 Grad

FWD – Rylie Anselmini | Guelph United | 2027 Grad 

CM – Amanda Minatel | Vaughan SC | 2026 Grad

CM – Leah Strome | Red Academy | 2026 Grad

CDM – Alex Tanzola | Kingston United | 2026 Grad

CM – Eva Dang | West Ottawa | 2026 Grad

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