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The Playbook | U17 Girls Spring Showdown 2024

GK- Brooke McMurren | BVB IA Waterloo | 2026 Grad

Brooke McMurren distinguishes herself as an exceptional shot-stopper, showcasing remarkable reflexes and agility between the posts. Her standout performances during the showcase highlighted her pivotal role as a key defensive asset for her team, consistently thwarting opposition attacks with crucial saves. With her commanding presence and reliable shot-stopping abilities, Brooke emerges as a formidable last line of defense, earning accolades for her pivotal contributions to her team’s success.

CB- Madison Wilkins | West Ottawa | 2025 Grad

Madison Wilkins shines as an exceptional ball-playing center back, adept at initiating attacks from the backline with her precise distribution and composure under pressure. Additionally, her prowess in aerial duels adds another dimension to her defensive capabilities, often dominating in the air and providing stability to her team’s backline. Madison’s standout performances during the showcase underscored her importance as a key defensive asset for West Ottawa, showcasing her versatility and impact on both ends of the pitch.

CM- Amalia Apostolou | North Mississauga | 2026 Grad 

Amalia Apostolou emerges as a midfield dynamo, showcasing an unparalleled versatility that allows her to excel in various facets of the game. Acting as the central hub of her squad, everything flows through her, highlighting her commanding presence and influence on the pitch. Her ability to seamlessly transition between defensive duties, creative playmaking, and driving forward makes her a standout talent, easily recognizable for her indispensable role within the team.

LW- Mariah Platts | Pickering FC | 2025 Grad 

Mariah Platts dazzles as a silky winger, consistently orchestrating Pickering’s attacking prowess with finesse and flair. Renowned for her ability to dominate in one-on-one situations, she poses a constant threat to opposition defenses whenever she’s isolated on the flanks. Mariah’s performances showcase her knack for turning matches in her team’s favor, as she proves to be a formidable force every time she gains possession, ensuring her status as a key playmaker and danger woman on the field.

RW- Kaiya Woodcock | West Ottawa | 2025 Grad 

Kaiya Woodcock’s blistering pace makes her a nightmare for opposing defenses, consistently leaving them scrambling to keep up with her speed and agility. Throughout the weekend, she proved to be a constant thorn in the side of her opponents, exploiting gaps and creating scoring opportunities with her explosive bursts of acceleration. Kaiya’s ability to stretch defenses and create havoc in the final third underscores her importance as a dynamic and potent striker.

Honorable Mentions:

Ava Albright | West Ottawa | 2025 Grad 

Jasmine Johnson | Burlington Bayhawks | 2025 Grad

Katelyn Yip | North Toronto | 2025 Grad

Sarah Stanesic | Aurora OPDL | 2025 Grad 

Maggie Zagar | Milton Magic | 2025 Grad

Alexandra Grammenopoulos | Markham OPDL | 2025 Grad 

Olivia McBride | Peterborough City | 2025 Grad

Hannah Russell | NFC OPDL | 2027 Grad

Kate Morgan | Sc Toronto | 2025 Grad

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