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The Playbook | U17 Team Ontario vs Team Quebec  Provincial Series

U17 Team Ontario/ Team Quebec  Provincial Series- FTF Combined XI

Goalkeeper (GK):

  • Team Quebec #22 – Ewan Derrien Lairet Ewan is an outstanding goalkeeper with a knack for making fantastic saves. His quick reflexes and sharp instincts consistently keep his team in the game, showcasing his exceptional shot-stopping ability. Over the weekend, Ewan’s crucial saves were pivotal in securing important points for his team.

Right Back (RB):

  • Team Ontario #2 – Deseron MacClean Deseron is an outstanding fullback known for his relentless work ethic and exceptional ball-handling skills. His ability to work non-stop up and down the right flank and make crucial tackles makes him invaluable in both defense and attack. During the weekend’s matches, Deseron’s tireless runs and defensive contributions were key to his team’s balanced play.

Central Backs (CB):

  • Team Quebec #4 – Lynghton Romage Lynghton is a tall and physical centre-back known for his commanding presence and calmness in possession. His ability to dominate aerial duels and maintain composure under pressure makes him a cornerstone of his team’s defense. Over the weekend, Lynghton’s dominance in aerial battles and calm defensive play stood out.
  • Team Ontario #4 – Milan Kapor Milan is a dominant centre-back who excels in the air with his great aerial ability. He plays simply, remaining calm and patient when defending, and leads his line with constant communication. His strong passing ability over all distances makes him a key player in both defense and initiating attacks. Over the weekend, Milan’s leadership and precise passing were instrumental in his team’s defensive strength.

Left Back (LB):

  • Team Quebec #3 – Eloi Kingsley Eloi is a fantastic athlete, standing out for his pace, engine, and overall athleticism. He constantly bombs up the pitch with well-timed overlaps, ensuring he supports his teammates in attack. He is a great 1v1 defender, giving opposing wingers a tough, physical battle. Over the weekend, Eloi’s overlapping runs and defensive tenacity were crucial in both defense and attack.

Central Midfielders (CM):

  • Team Quebec #8 – Jesse Bichler Jesse, a midfield maestro, expertly controls the tempo of the game. He finds space between the lines with ease, plays simple yet effective passes, and involves everyone on the pitch, orchestrating play with finesse and intelligence. During the weekend, Jesse’s ability to dictate play and connect passes was a highlight in his team’s midfield dominance.
  • Team Quebec #12 – Nicolae Velicico Nicolae is a smart midfielder with great technical ability. He is a great carrier of the ball, often able to start attacks by beating his man in the middle of the pitch. He has great agility and can get out of tight situations well. He has a great eye for a pass and is always looking to find a teammate in an advantageous position. Over the weekend, Nicolae’s dribbling and passing were key in transitioning his team from defense to attack.

Right Winger (RW):

  • Team Ontario #17 – Evan Brown Evan is a winger with fantastic 1v1 abilities. A very direct player, he uses a combination of quick feet, agility, and quick thinking to evade multiple players with one dribble. He combines this 1v1 ability with great pace and good crossing abilities, making him a creative threat as well as a goal-scoring threat. Evan is a tough assignment for any fullback he comes up against. Over the weekend, Evan’s dribbling skills and dangerous crosses caused constant problems for the opposition.

Strikers (ST):

  • Team Ontario #18 – Alex Iossa Alex is a smart striker with a great understanding of the game both on and off the ball. He has excellent movement and often runs the channels, dragging defenders out of position and making space for his teammates. On the ball, Alex has good vision and is a clinical finisher under pressure. He has a great all-around game and is capable of creating opportunities for himself and those around him. During the weekend’s matches, Alex’s intelligent runs and clinical finishing were crucial in his team’s attacking play.
  • Team Quebec #17 – Bless Jeremie Mbuyi Kasongo Jeremie is a handful for defenders, whether it be on or off the ball. He is always looking to receive and has great hold-up play, which allows him to bring his teammates into the attack. He uses his speed and physicality well in 1v1 situations, giving him an edge over most defenders. Jeremie can create a chance for himself or his teammates out of nothing, making him a handful for the opposition. Over the weekend, Jeremie’s physicality and ability to hold up the ball were key in his team’s attacking strategies.

Left Winger (LW):

  • Team Quebec #11 – Nataniel Doré Belair Nataniel is a tricky winger blessed with incredible pace and a great first touch. He often looks to cut in from the left onto his right but can also take his man on down the wing using his speed and quick feet, providing quality crosses for his teammates. He is not afraid to get physical, always going into his duels strongly, making it hard for him to get pushed off the ball. Nataniel was an offensive force all weekend, creating chances for his teammates as well as scoring, proving he is a nightmare for any fullback.

U17 Honourable Mentions:

  • Team Ontario #1 – Luca Campoli
  • Team Quebec #6 – Christopher Salama
  • Team Quebec #19 – Benjamin Turcotte
  • Team Ontario #8 – Markus Fracasso
  • Team Ontario #10 – Gianluca Grubic
  • Team Quebec #13 – Naidjel Laidi
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