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The Playbook | Girls U17 Team Ontario vs Team Quebec Provincial Series Combined XI

U17 Team Ontario/ Team Quebec Provincial Series:- FTF Combined XI: (4-5-1) 

Goalkeeper (GK):

  • Team Ontario #12 – Madeleine Boucher Madeleine Boucher is an outstanding goalkeeper who displayed excellent shot-stopping ability over the weekend, frequently making point-blank saves that amazed both spectators and opponents. Additionally, Boucher excels in distribution, with precise passing skills that facilitate smooth transitions from defense to attack. Her vision and composure allow her to deliver accurate long balls and smart short passes, helping her team maintain possession and build play from the back. Her abilities were pivotal, as she kept the only clean sheet for Team Ontario.

Right Back (RB):

  • Team Ontario #21 – Jaida Manderson Jaida Manderson is a dynamic right back known for getting forward and influencing the attack. Her speed allows her to cover ground quickly and excel in 1v1 situations, both offensively and defensively. Over the weekend, her speed and anticipation enabled her to effectively shut down wingers and quickly transition into attack.

Centre Back (CB):

  • Team Quebec #5 – Geneve Pouliot Geneve Pouliot is a commanding center-back known for her exceptional passing and defensive prowess. Her ability to distribute the ball accurately from the backline adds a crucial dimension to her team’s buildup play, often initiating attacking moves with her precise long-range passes. Over the weekend, Pouliot was a rock-solid presence, with impeccable timing in tackles and interceptions, effectively neutralizing opposition attacks.
  • Team Ontario #5 – Selena Lancaster Selena Lancaster stands out as a central defender known for her dependable presence and adept ball-handling skills. Her sharp sense of positioning and composure under pressure enabled her to effectively deal with opposing offenses throughout the weekend. Lancaster excelled at initiating plays from the back, using her precise passing to keep her team in possession. Her leadership and consistency anchored the defense, highlighting her crucial role in the team’s success.

Left Back (LB):

  • Team Quebec #3 – Kelly-ann Prince Kelly-ann Prince is a versatile left back known for her consistency and excellent decision-making skills. Over the weekend, her performance was notable as she played multiple positions, bringing a comprehensive understanding of the game to her role. Her reliable performance and ability to make smart, strategic decisions under pressure made her a valuable player, enhancing her team’s overall stability and performance.

Left Midfielder (LM):

  • Team Quebec #7 – Skye Cuacuna Skye Cuacuna is an impressive attacker known for her speed and tireless work rate. Over the weekend, her persistent effort on and off the ball reflected her strong commitment to the team. As a natural leader, Cuacuna motivated her teammates with her dedication and determination, consistently setting a high standard and inspiring those around her to perform at their best.

Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM):

  • Team Ontario #6 – Zoe MacLauchlan Zoe MacLauchlan is a formidable and industrious box-to-box midfielder, renowned for her strength and relentless work ethic. Over the weekend, her leadership as a captain was evident as she led by example, demonstrating smart decision-making and tactical awareness in every match. Her ability to cover vast areas of the pitch, both defensively and offensively, ensured she was always at the heart of the action, supporting her team in both attack and defense.

Central Midfielders (CM):

  • Team Quebec #10 – Taejah Aitken Taejah Aitken displayed her technical skills and creative ingenuity throughout the weekend. With outstanding ball control and dribbling ability, she effortlessly maneuvered through tight spaces, setting herself apart as a playmaker. Her keen vision and passing consistently created scoring opportunities, making her a vital link between defense and attack.
  • Team Ontario #8 – Bianca Hanisch Bianca Hanisch is a central midfielder known for her technical expertise and straightforward style of play. Over the weekend, her exceptional ball control and precise passing allowed her to maintain possession and dictate the tempo of the game with ease. Hanisch’s ability to read the game and make smart, simple decisions under pressure ensured that her team remained composed and in control.

Right Midfielder (RM):

  • Team Ontario #20 – Mya Newcombe Mya Newcombe is a direct winger known for her fearless approach to taking on defenders in 1v1 situations. Over the weekend, her exceptional dribbling skills and speed made her a constant threat down the flanks, where she excelled at creating space and beating her marker. Newcombe’s aggressive attacking style was complemented by her ability to deliver precise crosses into the box, consistently setting up scoring opportunities for her teammates.

Striker (ST):

  • Team Ontario #19 – Mia Cleroux Mia Cleroux is a sharp and instinctive striker renowned for her ability to capitalize on half-chances in the box. Over the weekend, her keen awareness and quick reactions made her a constant scoring threat, adept at turning even the slightest opportunities into goals. Cleroux’s versatility in play, including her adeptness in link-up play, added another dimension to her game, as she seamlessly combined with teammates to create scoring opportunities.

Honorable Mentions (HM):

  • Team Ontario #17 – Erica Tsang
  • Team Quebec #11 – Sarah Monnin
  • Team Ontario #10 – Andrea Lazar
  • Team Ontario #25 – Jane Pozzi
  • Team Quebec #12 – Savannah Payne
  • Team Ontario #7 – Sofia Mastracci
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