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The Playbook | U19 Girls Spring Showdown 2024

GK- Vanessa Smith | North Toronto | 2024 Grad

Vanessa Smith is renowned for her exceptional goalkeeping prowess, boasting remarkable shot-stopping abilities that have earned her widespread acclaim. Beyond her skills in guarding the net, she serves as an exemplary leader for her team, guiding and inspiring her teammates both on and off the pitch. Additionally, her adeptness at playing out from the back showcases her versatility, as she consistently demonstrates precision and finesse in her distribution, contributing significantly to her team’s buildup play. Vanessa’s multifaceted talents make her an indispensable asset to her squad, elevating their performance with her commanding presence and skillful contributions.

CB- Evana Eyubeh | Scrosoppi FC | 2024 Grad 

Evana Eyubeh stands out as a formidable center back renowned for her tactical acumen, which enables her to read the game with precision and anticipate opponents’ moves effectively. Not only does she excel defensively, but she also showcases a remarkable comfort in possession, often initiating attacks from the back with her composed distribution and intelligent decision-making. A stalwart presence in defense, Evana’s consistency and reliability make her a rock at the back for her team, instilling confidence and stability within the defensive line. Her combination of tactical prowess, technical ability, and defensive solidity makes her an invaluable asset to her team’s success on the field.

CM- Brooklyn Menard | Ottawa South United | 2025 Grad

Brooklyn Menard’s midfield mastery is defined by her elite passing range, capable of unlocking defenses with pinpoint accuracy from various positions on the field. As the engine in the heart of the team, she tirelessly orchestrates play, seamlessly linking defense to attack with her exceptional vision and distribution. Beyond her creative flair, Brooklyn’s willingness to do the unglamorous tasks in midfield highlights her selflessness and dedication to team success, consistently putting in the hard yards and winning crucial duels to regain possession. With her blend of technical finesse and relentless work ethic, Brooklyn Menard epitomizes the quintessential modern midfielder, indispensable to her team’s rhythm and balance.

ST- Malena Patera | North Toronto | 2024 Grad

Malena Patera epitomizes the archetype of a prolific striker, consistently finding the back of the net with remarkable efficiency, earning her reputation as a goal machine within her team. Beyond her scoring prowess, she demonstrates exceptional skill in holding the ball up, effectively bringing teammates into play and facilitating intricate build-up in the final third. Additionally, Malena’s proficiency in running at defenders 1v1 poses a constant threat, often leaving opponents struggling to contain her dynamic attacking runs and inventive dribbling. With her lethal finishing, adept link-up play, and formidable one-on-one ability, Malena Patera remains a potent force in the attacking arsenal, capable of turning games on their head with her individual brilliance.

CAM- Gabby Ramdeen | UMSC | 2025 Grad 

Gabby Ramdeen dazzles as an attacking midfielder with her silky skills and an uncanny composure that belies her age, often dictating the tempo of play with grace and poise. In the final third, she emerges as a constant threat, seamlessly weaving through defenses with her deft touches and intelligent movement off the ball. Gabby’s standout attribute lies in her ability to unlock defenses with a well-timed final pass, consistently setting up scoring opportunities for her teammates with precision and vision. With her mature approach to the game and flair for creativity, Gabby Ramdeen embodies the epitome of a modern attacking midfielder, capable of dictating matches and engineering goal-scoring opportunities with finesse.

Honorable Mentions: 

Sienna Di Blasio | Rush Canada | 2025 Grad

Mera Saleh | Scrosoppi FC | 2024 Grad

Keira Boryszko | Burlington Force | 2025 Grad

Taylor Costa | Milton Magic | 2025 Grad

Isabella Castellanos Lopes | Milton Magic | 2025 Grad 

Francesca Mureta | Ottawa South United | 2025 Grad 

Vanessa Dias | VSC L2 | 2024 Grad

Kimberly Jiang | Burlington Force | 2025 Grad 

Ava Spagnolo | Scrosoppi FC | 2024 Grad

Jessica Breda | VSC L2 | 2024

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