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The Playbook | Vancouver Girls Combine 2023

Julia Simons | GK | 2025 Grad | Calgary REX

Simons is an agile and positionally sound keeper which makes her so effective. She always makes her presence known in the box cleaning up any loose balls or stray crosses. Simons is also a great shot-stopper, which was on full display during her Goalkeeper MVP performance.

Laila Rafou | FB | 2025 Grad | Coastal FC

Rafou is a rock-solid defender who loves to win a tackle and start the attack for her team. She is more defensively-minded as she’s so responsible for her side, always looking to help teammates out with dynamic attackers and winning possession back. Don’t let that fool you though, as Rafou will get forward when the chance presents itself.

Julianna Thauberger | CB/CDM | 2025 Grad | Burnaby FC

Thauberger is an intelligent and calm central defender who likes to drive space to open up space. In possession, she is so calm and looks to engage the opposition to find a good forward pass to an open teammate. Out of possession, she is very difficult to beat due to her size, strength, and athleticism.

Paige Dwane | CB/FB | 2024 Grad | Langley United SA

Dwane is the total package of skill, confidence, and determination that every coach’s dreams of in a defender. She is a ferocious defender who constantly gets the better of the opposing attackers. Dwane uses her body so effectively to disrupt an opponent, or holding off pressure. In possession she is composed and doesn;t force any pass that doesn’t need to be made.

Karmyn Sujan | RB | 2025 Grad | Coastal FC

Sujan is a quick and technical fullback who works selflessly and tirelessly up and down the line. She moves so effectively on the pitch, always popping up at the right time. In possession, she is always an outlet for her teammates as a lateral option to keep possession, or to threaten in behind the opponents. Defensively she makes life a nightmare for any attacker.

Anastasia Kalpidis | CAM | 2025 Grad | Surrey United SC

Kalpidis is a technician in the middle of the park finding great passes and driving at the backline of the opponent. She can play anywhere centrally, as her movement creates space to receive the ball in any situation. After Kalpidis receives it, a defensive line is about to be broken and her side is off to the races.

Guilia Altomare | CM | 2025 Grad | Fusion FC

Altomare is a highly intelligent attacking midfielder who loves to find pockets in between the lines of the opponent. She is so clever in possession as she evades defenders and finds splitting passes that most players can’t see. Altomare is also incredibly hard working as she’s never still in and out of possession.

Isabella Burtini | CAM | 2024 Grad | Surrey United SC

Burtini has developed into a dynamic attacking threat, who can be dangerous from all areas. Her movement to find space is fantastic as she always receives the ball on the half turn. Burtini also possesses a great range of pass and vision in which her teammates adore. Finally she has a rocket of a shot and will unleash when given time and space.

Saira Johal | LW/ST | 2025 Grad | Burnaby FC

Johal is a rapid and dynamic winger who can glide past defenders with ease. She’s not afraid at all of some physical contact and usually uses it to propel herself forward, picking up speed to further the gap between her and the defender. She’s a huge threat in behind as she will take off directly to goal.

Myla Ewasiuk | ST | 2027 Grad | Surrey United SC

Ewasiuk can be characterized as a cerebral, instinctual, and an elite finisher. Her IQ is off the charts as her movement is so clever, constantly pulling defenders into uncomfortable areas. SHe varies her movement to hold the ball up, turn defenders, or run in behind. WHen she gets any sight of goal, you can bet that she’ll find the twine. It’s scary to think she’s a 2027-graduate.

Emerson Toop | LW | 2024 Grad | Langley United SA

Toop is a highly intelligent footballer who varies her game to remain unpredictable, while picking out the right option. She is always looking to threaten her defender either playing around them, or beating them in a 1v1 duel. Toop’s left foot is fantastic as she can whip in great crosses for her teammates to get on the end of.

Honourable Mention

Neyha Sidhu | GK | 2025 Grad | Burnaby FC

Madison Paujaud | RB | 2025 Grad | BC Surf

Maresha Manulak | CM | 2024 Grad | Surrey United SC

Sienna Church | CB | 2025 Grad | Surrey United SC

Averi Weber | CDM/FB | 2025 Grad | Coastal FC

Matea Maras | ST/CAM | 2025 Grad | Coastal FC

Mckenna Toop | CM | 2025 Grad | Langley United SA

Kaiya Narcis | CM | 2025 Grad | Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC

Olivia Tang | CM | 2026 Grad | Surrey United SC

Manveer Sidhu Brar | CM | 2025 Grad | Coastal FC

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